Tatum Cohen, Uniquely Tatum Coaching
Tatum Cohen, Uniquely Tatum Coaching

Tatum Cohen is the founder of Uniquely Tatum, a coaching organization enabling high performance individuals to function as their most authentic selves. She is a graduate of Landmark Education’s Curriculum for Living and Pennsylvania State University (B.A., Communications). For the past decade, she’s been pursuing her truth, shocking people awake and creating methods to ensure her own potential is not wasted. Her work as a natural health advocate, entrepreneur, artist and coach have allowed for vibrant conversations with clients and friends. It is no surprise that many have achieved the necessary breakthroughs to be at their happiest and healthiest through working with Tatum.


Video Testimonials:

Dani Le Peterson

Valentina Sierra


“Every time I talk with Tatum it’s like a breath of fresh air.  The biggest thing she has helped me see is ALWAYS being grateful and putting my “problems” in perspective.  Tatum is a wealth of information, a bundle of positive energy, and just a radiant human being!”

Devani Anjali Alderson |CEO, Marketing4Traffic.com

“Since beginning my work with Tatum, I have become a more present and conscious person. As someone who works in the rough and tumble quick-changing world of high tech, I am often caught in the changes of the world and looking anxiously ahead. Tatum challenges me continuously to be in the now and stick with the fundamentals: love and authenticity. Those two sustain no matter where we are in society.”

Albert Qian | High Tech Marketing Professional

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