Sometimes we block our own vibrancy by pushing instead of allowing. Even I have to remind myself that it’s supposed to be easy. One big change makes me want to make a lot of big changes and ‘old me’ wants to make it happen!! Fast!! Let’s do this!! Such masculine energy that pushes me to push through the field towards what is not for me. Regularly I get reminders from the universe to relax, rest and lean back. Into the divine feminine and the energy of flow, ease and abundance. Everything that is meant for me will be mine. Divine timing is real. Have faith. It’s a practice. When I’m in flow the world opens for me. When I’m not the doors close in my face. Happy that I’m getting very fast at noticing when I am not congruent with what I want to create energetically. Sometimes I fall back into old habits without even realizing it and wonder why I’m feeling off. Reflection is everything. Time alone is priceless. Look within. You already have all the answers and guidance you need.

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