Are you being tested?✨

There comes a point where you are standing on an edge- the edge between who you were and your new, vibrant self. As you approach this ledge don’t be surprised if you are feeling tested by the Universe. So many tempting little offers. Sometimes it may be people reemerging from your past, it could be anything.

Tonight it looked like the last man I dated texting me for advice. On his terms. At nearly 9pm. Wanting to take his time coming over to talk in person. No. That’s not ok with me. I offered a negotiation of what would be acceptable and was exceptionally firm- I could already feel him pulling from me energetically. Don’t say yes, when you need to say no. I was firm. He didn’t like it. It’s taken me nearly an hour to rebalance my energies, and I’m almost there.

This is a huge lesson for women especially. You are worthy of MAGNIFICENT LOVE. Where you and your time are valued, where your energy is valued, and where you are both overflowing and do not drain each other.

Do not marry your lesson. This man I am referring to drove me batty for a few months- and I will always be exceptionally thankful for him.

BUT not to the extent that I fall back into old patterns.

He was a magnificent mirror for me to be firm with my personal boundaries NO MATTER WHAT. So it is fitting that as I step into a new level in my life that he would show up again, even if briefly.

So Thank You Universe for the powerful reminder that I CHOOSE who I allow in my life and to what degree. And that I am worthy of love, respect & integrity.

You decide what you allow. Choice is powerful. You are magnificent. Ask and be thankful for what you attract for the highest good of all mankind.

Step forward into your power and truth fully. It is time to shine.

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