Oh, so you think it’s just you…

The last week I’ve really been stretching myself in my business. This looks like pursuing new levels where I have literally no idea what I am doing. I am in the process of learning how to create a digital course/build the course and also figuring out how to create a podcast/launch said podcast.

To some of you this may seem like no sweat! ha. For others you may be scared for me (I know I am!! lol). But here’s what I know:

I have done techie stuff before and succeeded. In fact I just did a little revamp on my website today and figured it alllll out on my own. I didn’t even have to bust out YouTube tutorials!

But here’s what I don’t typically share. These are all thoughts that I’ve had today and the last few days around what I’m up to. Keep in mind that the only difference between us is that I’m able to flip these thoughts almost immediately. Thank God.

My joyful sampling of my thoughts (lol):
OMG what am I doing???
Will people pay me for these prices?
Should I raise my prices?
Should I lower my prices?
She only hired me because she knows me.
Do I have to know people well before they hire me?
Where does the line between friendship and coach blur?
Will she feel I’m worth it?
Will people listen to my podcast?
Will I be able to monetize it?
How the eff am I gunna figure this out?
I so wish I could outsource alllll of this.
What exactly is my zone of genius?
Do I just think I have it pegged, or are there more layers that I just haven’t discovered yet?
How the heck do you strip audio from FB lives?
Fuck. Intros and Outros. Ok. I got this.
Money is my friend.

So there we go. lol. A nice little peeksie into my brain. We all have the voices in our heads that can stall us. Trust me, I am VERY aware of mine. I just choose not to let it win. And then I google til I figure things out!!! Or ask my tribe for help.

Sending love to you all on this beautiful Tuesday, and wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.

If any of you have a product or service that you would like to advertise via podcast sponsorship, hollar at me. Or if you are looking to up-level and blast through that silly voice to stay on purpose message me.

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Blind Spots?


Wanna do that thing you’ve always wanted to do? You know that thing you’re scared AF to even think too much about because how the F are you gunna pay for it/figure it out.

It’s time.

Every next level and every inner desire requires you’re bravest, most badass creative self✨The desire to be your best self if real, and it can be exceptionally intimidating.  I would love to help you timeline hop and transition as smoothly as possible.  It can be easier than you think when you learn how to stay in flow and congruent with your chart.


If you’re ready to STEP UP like the TRUE LEADER and Magical Star Being that you are then hit me up.  I can provide everything from individual one on one coaching, to world adventures that push you way past your comfort zone into your best version of self!

You’re already so close, you just can’t see it. I CAN.

Blind Spots are Blindingly Obvious to Me!👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

Message me below via the contact form if you are ready to go balls to the wall and give No Fucks for the New Year.

Tatum 😘💓👀

Ps. Need a support group to go down the rabbit hole with? Check out my FB Group Out of This World!  The perfect place to be if you are just discovering your amazing gifts from the Universe.  Maybe you consider yourself an empath? Or clairsentient?  Or maybe you’re just curious.  Either way, I’ll see you there!!  I do regular FB Live videos especially for you!

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Ladies this post is for you 😘

My vibrational frequency keeps lifting higher and as I grow I am noticing the quality of men that I am attracting uplevel dramatically.

I’m now attracting fantastic men who are at the top of their field, financially stable, well-travelled, heart centered and think they are ready for marriage.

Old Tatum would have been so excited that she let her boundaries go lax and accepted less than what she knows she deserves.

So keep watching actions!!! Lean back and allow them space to choose you. If they don’t step up, that’s OK! I love plenty of people from afar now that I truly know my worth.

My energy is sacred- I work hard for this! And all of it is redirected back into myself for my growth and my soul purpose. For as much as I LOVE to LOVE, and love to share my love- it can’t be one sided. And less than what we know we deserve. If I’m into you, you know it. I’m super obvious about it. And bonus- I’ll tell you (just in case!)!!!! But there comes a point where it’s shit or get off the pot. I won’t wait around anymore for someone to be ready. No matter how bad I may want them.

I am willing to wait for a man who pursues me,
…treats me like a queen.
…respects my time.
…asks me out on real dates.
…is chivalrous.
…listens to me.
…creates space for me to feel heard.

New Tatum makes it clear from the beginning now who I am, what I’m creating for my life, what’s ok & what’s not ok.  And sticks to it, no matter what the response may be.

For as nice as it is to be noticed and appreciated and seen- be firm in your truth. You get what you accept.  And you are worthy of the best.

I’m a Queen ready for my King. 

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Connection is Connection

You’re not going to always align with the people that you love. It hurts my heart to even say it, but it’s the truth. When I live according to my innate and higher self and hold space for the best version of me, sometimes I grow at a more rapid pace than some of the beautiful souls that I know and love- and that’s ok. But for me to stay true to ME I have to let them go and move forward. I have to ‘leave them behind.’

So when this happens I allow myself time to grieve the loss. Because I honestly don’t know if they will choose to rise up and join me. I don’t know if they will step into their power and their truth to live their best lives. And it’s not my job to do it and I surely won’t make them wrong for it. We are all on our own journeys, learning our own lessons for soul growth and abundance. The faster you grow, typically the more souls you leave behind and the more lonely you feel. Thank God I love my own company and hold space for all the amazing souls that the universe will bring my way 💓So take the time you need to mourn. Friendships and romantic love- connection is connection, and all souls are worth honoring. I love you ❤️ #namaste

If you are ready to really uplevel, to step up into your truth, and you need help- reach out.  My specialty is connecting you with your higher self.  I want the best for you, now and always.

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Watch Me Process

I’m feeling the edge again. It’s so frequent now you’d think it was every day. It’s like part of me is grasping the edge of a cliff, I’m just dangling.. one hand left on and I have to pull every ounce of my strength and throw my body weight into reaching my other hand up to grab the ledge.

I know I can do it, I want to know what’s up there. What am I giving my everything to? What’s it going to look like? Who is going to be there with me? Where am I? Are we staying or going? Am I alone still? Am I still on this solo journey? Or will my life partner join me? How long is the next leg of the journey? Do I pull myself up over the ledge and then have to climb mountains? Or will I wander into an oasis where I’m drinking piña coladas on my floatie?

Here’s the thing about not knowing- it’s as scary for me as it is exciting.

And sometimes in my hurry to scale the cliff I feel intense frustration and pressure. On myself. If I push too hard- if I don’t honor the rest, I don’t have the strength to make it up and over. It takes me a bit longer. And it hurts my heart. I’m generally ok with however anything turns out, lessons, pain, love.. it’s all a part of the master plan.

But here I am, on the edge every day- stretchinggggg and fuck if I don’t want to just press the button on my jet pack and get straight to that piña colada. But more growth awaits, and I will let it be. Just me and this cliff. Refueling and ready to throw my legs over the edge and roll into the dirt like the badass renegade that I am. Because once I get back up and start walking you’ll see my back, I’ll be wearing a sweet motorcycle jacket and I’ll be leading the way to heaven on earth- and I hope you’ll follow.

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Are you being tested?✨

There comes a point where you are standing on an edge- the edge between who you were and your new, vibrant self. As you approach this ledge don’t be surprised if you are feeling tested by the Universe. So many tempting little offers. Sometimes it may be people reemerging from your past, it could be anything.

Tonight it looked like the last man I dated texting me for advice. On his terms. At nearly 9pm. Wanting to take his time coming over to talk in person. No. That’s not ok with me. I offered a negotiation of what would be acceptable and was exceptionally firm- I could already feel him pulling from me energetically. Don’t say yes, when you need to say no. I was firm. He didn’t like it. It’s taken me nearly an hour to rebalance my energies, and I’m almost there.

This is a huge lesson for women especially. You are worthy of MAGNIFICENT LOVE. Where you and your time are valued, where your energy is valued, and where you are both overflowing and do not drain each other.

Do not marry your lesson. This man I am referring to drove me batty for a few months- and I will always be exceptionally thankful for him.

BUT not to the extent that I fall back into old patterns.

He was a magnificent mirror for me to be firm with my personal boundaries NO MATTER WHAT. So it is fitting that as I step into a new level in my life that he would show up again, even if briefly.

So Thank You Universe for the powerful reminder that I CHOOSE who I allow in my life and to what degree. And that I am worthy of love, respect & integrity.

You decide what you allow. Choice is powerful. You are magnificent. Ask and be thankful for what you attract for the highest good of all mankind.

Step forward into your power and truth fully. It is time to shine.

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Knowledge is Power✨

…but… what if you don’t use it

It’s so easy to caught up in the ‘should’s’ You know, I should just finish this, I should wash the dishes first, I should say this so I don’t hurt their feelings.. the list is endless.

What if you allowed yourself to TRUST your knowledge and really step into your POWER

I’m not talking about your educated mind here. Anyone can google search for almost anything nowadays. I’m talking about learning how to tap into your God given innate intuitive intelligence. That voice within who always knows the best next step to take. Who always knows the most direct path to growth, bliss and abundance💰🙏🏻💓

Being able to slow down enough to listen and tap in is a gift you give yourself❤️ It’s showing your inner child that you are worthy, and it’s acknowledging that we can’t do everything alone. We need guidance and we need tribe. This allows for the smoothest flow and optimal abundance. 🌟

So who are you creating yourself to BE today? Are you willing to stretch yourself way past your comfort zone in order to reach the life you’ve always dreamed about? Have you even written down your deepest desires? Have you gotten super clear and specific?

Let me tell you what my life looks like when I dream big:

I’m boarding a private jet with my sexy husband (who treats me like a queen 👑), while we are both babywearing our adorable well behaved children. I’m looking super sheikh with my sunnies on and looking around grateful AF. We get on the plane to be waited on hand and foot and served amazing food. The kids nap while we make googley eyes at each other and then pull out our laptops to work on our passion projects. After a great flight we land in an extraordinarily beautiful location (Bali perhaps🌺) and then check out the amazing villa that we are renting for a month with some of our favorite friends and family. We meet up all over the world to co-create, adventure and explore 💜

Do I know HOW this is gunna happen? Nope. I have some ideas, but I’m leaving that up to the Universe. I’m completely unattached because I know that I know that I know that this is my life. And it’s close. So I continue to up-level my vibrational field and to serve so that my frequency and my dream resonate together and become reality. Maybe I’ll see you there 😘

What is your 5D dream reality? Comment below if you would like to share and get those good vibes rollin❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

If anyone would like Coaching- specifically on how to rapidly transform and up-level your life-message me😘

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“It’s too good”

When it get’s reallllllly good💫

We are always evolving and growing in our soul experiences. I am not immune. As limiting beliefs come up for me, I’m thankful that I’m at the point in my journey where I almost immediately catch myself. So here I am, relaxing at the coffee shop, getting ready to do some work, but first I get my index card out to work on my gratitude list for the day. And as I’m thinking about what I’m grateful for, into my head pop’s:

“It’s too good” and then fear.

I’ve noticed this coming up for me a lot lately. Life is evolving in a positive direction SO FAST that it’s f’in SCARY. And I don’t trust it. I don’t trust that this trend will continue. I am still pushing against the abundance of the Universe and what is truly possible.

The more I sit in this feeling, and allow it to come up for me, the faster I am able to process it and watch it continue just floating on by. Observing your thoughts as separate from you is an incredibly empowering experience.

I am worthy of an amazing life.
I am worthy of great love.
I am worthy of financial abundance.
I am worthy of a wildly successful business.
I am worthy of breakthroughs every day.
I am worthy of investing in myself.

Sending so much love to each and every one of you 

To join an inspired tribe of lightworkers check out my private facebook group ‘Out of This World’ where we talk about our spiritual journey and life purpose.

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Some days the Universe provides for you in ways that profoundly shift and open up who you are for the world. It allows for a glimpse past the now and into your potentiality. Today was one of these days for me. To say that it has been overwhelming and profound is an understatement. I met with a friend today who pointed out areas in which I had profoundly shifted his life, how it opened up his sense of empowerment and excitement, and he shared tools from his 40 year career in consulting to tie together loose ends for me that I had no idea could even be connected. My BEing with him was an awareness shift that simplified and modified my life path- yet solidified the next few steps in my life plan. I have always felt that with my perspective I have great gifts to share with the world. I have always known that I am a part of a massive movement to spread love, authenticity and abundance to the masses. A voice and leader for massive paradigm shifts and revolutionary ideas. A gift for helping others out of their own way and into the light of their truth. Sharing their innate soulful existence with the world. As I throw myself into the slingshot of life, trusting and allowing the Universe/God/Creator/Source to provide for me my gifts unfold. Sometimes I’m so blind to them that I have to be shown by others. My heart is wide open today. The gratitude that I have has literally had me crying for a few hours now. I wish for you all the profound healing that comes with this. For as terrifying as it is for me to be exceptionally bold, fully authentic I am equally as calm, centered and present. My life has entered a level that I cannot explain. Major processing is happening before the continuing evolution of Tatum will be ready to share. I love you. Me

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Taking Responsibility for Your Energy Field

Morning thoughts on Energy 

We need to learn to take responsibility for our energetic field and responses as well as every other area of our life.

Learning how to control how we react energetically is absolutely tied into our expectations and perceptions. As we shift to more empowering thoughts we are able to release lower vibrations and move through them without causing a huge disturbance in the field.

Considering that energy is literally EVERYTHING it is important to think about how you are allowing your energies to boomerang out into the world- because they always come back to you as manifestations. No one wants to be around shitty uncontrolled and volatile energy.

This all ties into the Law of Attraction (I highly recommend The Secret and any books by Stuart Wilde).

It’s a practice, it takes time. You can do it. And please figure it out fast for the empaths of the world lol cuz that shit sucks.


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