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The truth is that you create the life you want. Sure life can throw you a wrench, but you always choose how you respond to any situation that arrives. Like attracts like and you have to take responsibility for YOU. Your thoughts, your energy, who you are- and how you show up for the world.

I have spent the last few years intentionally taking risks to carve out and create the lifestyle that I wanted.

First I moved to a beautiful location with the type of people and vibration that I wanted to be around.

Then, since I had to support myself, I got a job. But not any job. I promised myself that I would never go back to bartending and serving- that I was beneath no one, and would no longer work a job where even though I would make triple the money, I would not allow people treat me as less than. So I got a job that paid little, but was philosophically congruent and allowed me to eat 100% organic.

Then I moved across town so my expenses were less and I had more ‘play money’ to invest into growing myself, learning and working on my projects.

Then I realized that I needed more time for myself to stay grounded- and how essential this was so that I could stay connected to Source and on purpose.

So I cut my hours almost by half. I spent six months with this ‘baby step’ into my dreams. And even with all of this extra time, it became apparent that it was essential for me to up my level of self care and that that was the real key 🔑

And even after all of that- it wasn’t enough. Having one foot in was not enough. And one day I knew what I had to do- and I he hawed about it for another three weeks.

You know when it’s time to step into the life you were meant to have when the life you are in is more uncomfortable than radically changing your entire life.

So I threw it all up in the air- said fuck it- and put notice in at my job.

And here we are 😊 One week since my last day. One week fully on purpose. Three days of intense processing, and four days of bliss and excitement. I’ve gotten more done in four days than in the last four months.

Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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