Oh, so you think it’s just you…

The last week I’ve really been stretching myself in my business. This looks like pursuing new levels where I have literally no idea what I am doing. I am in the process of learning how to create a digital course/build the course and also figuring out how to create a podcast/launch said podcast.

To some of you this may seem like no sweat! ha. For others you may be scared for me (I know I am!! lol). But here’s what I know:

I have done techie stuff before and succeeded. In fact I just did a little revamp on my website today and figured it alllll out on my own. I didn’t even have to bust out YouTube tutorials!

But here’s what I don’t typically share. These are all thoughts that I’ve had today and the last few days around what I’m up to. Keep in mind that the only difference between us is that I’m able to flip these thoughts almost immediately. Thank God.

My joyful sampling of my thoughts (lol):
OMG what am I doing???
Will people pay me for these prices?
Should I raise my prices?
Should I lower my prices?
She only hired me because she knows me.
Do I have to know people well before they hire me?
Where does the line between friendship and coach blur?
Will she feel I’m worth it?
Will people listen to my podcast?
Will I be able to monetize it?
How the eff am I gunna figure this out?
I so wish I could outsource alllll of this.
What exactly is my zone of genius?
Do I just think I have it pegged, or are there more layers that I just haven’t discovered yet?
How the heck do you strip audio from FB lives?
Fuck. Intros and Outros. Ok. I got this.
Money is my friend.

So there we go. lol. A nice little peeksie into my brain. We all have the voices in our heads that can stall us. Trust me, I am VERY aware of mine. I just choose not to let it win. And then I google til I figure things out!!! Or ask my tribe for help.

Sending love to you all on this beautiful Tuesday, and wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.

If any of you have a product or service that you would like to advertise via podcast sponsorship, hollar at me. Or if you are looking to up-level and blast through that silly voice to stay on purpose message me.

Taking Responsibility for Your Energy Field

Morning thoughts on Energy 

We need to learn to take responsibility for our energetic field and responses as well as every other area of our life.

Learning how to control how we react energetically is absolutely tied into our expectations and perceptions. As we shift to more empowering thoughts we are able to release lower vibrations and move through them without causing a huge disturbance in the field.

Considering that energy is literally EVERYTHING it is important to think about how you are allowing your energies to boomerang out into the world- because they always come back to you as manifestations. No one wants to be around shitty uncontrolled and volatile energy.

This all ties into the Law of Attraction (I highly recommend The Secret and any books by Stuart Wilde).

It’s a practice, it takes time. You can do it. And please figure it out fast for the empaths of the world lol cuz that shit sucks.


Top Tips to Thrive as an Empath

For years strangers have been coming up to me and sharing their deepest darkest secrets. They seemed to innately know that I was a safe space to share.  Being that I am naturally curious, I listened first and asked questions later. It is an honor and a privilege to hold space for others, but if you are an empath you have to be very aware of your own energy field.   Being an empath means that it is very easy for me to pick up on other people’s energy, and even to take it on as my own.  This can easily lead to depression and burnout if you aren’t careful.  With tools, being an empath can be an amazing blessing, and a way to serve the world in a big way.  Here’s what took me a decade to learn:

  1. Energy is in everything and everyone and is always present.  Two big eye openers spurred my growth in this area.  The first was meeting a friend who did Reiki.  She physically had me put my hand between two of hers so I could feel ONLY the energy between them.  This propelled my curiosity enough to learn more about energy healing and eventually learn about cool people like Bruce Lipton, PhD & Dr. Masaru Emoto.  The second was watching the film ‘The Celestine Prophecy’.  I cannot recommend this film or book enough.  They showcase energy within the movie in a way where you can SEE it.
  2. Fill YOUR cup first.  You cannot pour from an empty vessel.  Take the time you need to fill your cup.  Only you know what that is for you.  For me it is spending time in nature, doing guided meditations on YouTube, eating clean, and being around positive like minded people.  The more I stay true to me and do these things, the more I am able to serve others and grow myself.
  3.  Hold space without holding on.  When my cup is full and I am with others I am able to create a space naturally where others feel safe to share.  This space is sacred in that I have to be my most vibrant self to hold that space for them while maintaining and thriving.  If you feel yourself taking on their negative emotions, or all of a sudden don’t feel like your vibrant self, then do this…
  4. Ask the Angels/Spirit Guides for assistance.  “Please return any energy that is not mine to where it came from.” Then take a few deep breaths and say Thank You.  This alone has made a profound difference in my life.  Trust that you are releasing the energy back to it’s source and move forward towards positivity.

Take the time you need to fill your cup. Only you know what that is for you.

It has been a long journey with a lot of growth, and every second has been absolutely worth it to get where I am now.  Remember that we are human, and with that leave space for breakdowns as well as breakthroughs.  Hopefully these tips will help you in your own growth and empowerment.  Feel free to comment and share this to help others as I have been helped.

Much love,