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For as much as I love to share my knowledge, I do believe that my ultimate purpose here is to actually SHOW what is possible.  Because of this, I have adamantly been taking calculated ‘risks’ towards my ultimate dream for years.  For a long time I was incongruent.  I played this game of, ‘well I just need to get through this _______, and then I can do whatever I want.’  Fuck that.  I’ve over delaying my gratification.  I am more than willing to put the work in now for the future that I am creating, because my work now is absolutely delicious.  Even when I’m doing techie stuff that is way outside of my zone of genius.  It doesn’t matter.  Because it is so satisfying knowing that I am figuring it out for myself, I am aligning myself with the right people at the right time, and I am having short cut after short cut as I fine tune my manifestation shills.

Specificity is EVERYTHING.  Feeling into the subtle nuances of my intuition.  Listening to my guides, and taking action at the divinely guided moment that they say.  This is a game.  A beautiful game, where I get to play my highest self on this beautiful Earth plane.  And I’m here to show you what is possible.  While I am still far off from many of my visualizations, who knows, I may also just be a finger snap away.  Because I am learning how to transmute energy and become an alchemist.  My manifestations for tangible things are at an all time high.  And it continues to grow as I continue to let go, believe and have faith and trust in the Universe… and most importantly in myself.   It’s easy to get caught up in this Earth game, to let others walk all over you, to not stand up for yourself, to get stuck in lower vibrational energies.  But what fun is that?  Especially when the alternative is so absolutely delicious.

I’m creating something new.  A membership.  If this sounds intriguing to you- if you want to up-level your energy consciousness, if you want a safe space to talk about your manifestations, your wins, and/or how you can tweak your mindset (because it’s almost always sooooo close!!!!), then this is the place for you.  Every week, and possibly more, I will be coming into a private Facebook Group and doing live videos.  These will be activated channeling from my higher self and my guides.  Intended to open up space for you to tap into an energy field that is lit UP.  It will also be an opportunity for a LIVE ‘Ask me Anything’ where I will share direct downloads from Source directly to you and for you.  Imagine a Mastermind filled with Alchemists, using their gifts to transform this planet into pure Love.  This is my intention.  This is what I’m creating.  And I would love it if you joined.

This is a monthly membership investment of $50.  No refunds, cancel anytime…I don’t think you’ll want to though.  Because this is the next level of my soul self sharing truth from beyond.  I’ve you’ve ever wondered how I’ve made the moves I’ve made, this is where you want to be for the sharing.  Cheaper than coaching, still personalized attention, regular updates and always adding value in whatever downloads come through me.  A space to network and connect with other like minded souls and light workers.  A space to ask questions and be supported in your highest truth.  A space where it’s SAFE to live FULL OUT.  A space where we stand for you to become the energy alchemist that we already know you are.  Step up your manifestation game.   Step into your Power.  Live your Truth.  It’s Time.  And you know it.  So click this link and join the party.  Because this is literally the very beginning of a whole new world <3

*BONUS- Once you join Delicious Downloads (yea… that’s totally the name.. doesn’t it just make you feel a little bit naughty? 😉 you also get special deals on coaching & courses.  So really…why wouldn’t you join? Vibes on Vibes on Vibes y’all.

Two Options:  $50 USD Monthly or Full Pay $555 and save some dosh.  Click below to join 😉

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How often have you felt yourself being held back?  Have you realized yet that you did it to yourself?  I’ve been getting a lot of lessons lately in stepping into my power, being seen, and recognizing that I need to step back… and OUT of my frame of the world to be able to actually step fully IN to my Power.  And I’m willing to bet a lot of money that the same goes for you.  Because here’s what’s up.  It’s all a fucking game. Life is a game.  It’s literally recognizing that we are all playing in a video game called Earth & Energy School- where leveling up is completely tied into how well you understand Energy Alchemy.

What the f is that Tatum?!?!!? Lol. Oh man. How I wish I could really dive in the intricacies of this in one blog post.  It’s as simple as it is ‘complicated’.  It’s taken me years to learn how to create and set boundaries, how to shield my energy for protection, and then how to literally let it all go and just shine my heart light.  It’s the process that it took for me to actually learn how energy flows, how to use my mindset and actions to align with the vibrational fields that resonate with that which I want.  And then how to practice, practice practice, put it into action.  Step back. Let go. And FLOW.

We are all here to learn how to master the art of the flow.  How to live in bliss and harmony with nature, family, the world in general.  It’s actually so simple it could drive you nuts.  It literally requires that you step back- observe the world as it is, and then play full out.  Once you recognize it as the game as it is, it’s exceptionally enjoyable and delicious.

I’m finally starting to master the stepping back so that I’m able to look IN.  I’ve always been able to see the big picture- but this is wayyyyyy next level big picture.  It’s COSMIC.

Let me help you get here. Schedule a call with me above (up in the menu!) and let’s see if we are fit, and most importantly, if you are ready to go ALL IN… and I mean alllllll the way in.  Because this is some deep shit. And it is sooooooooooooooo fun 😉