How often have you felt yourself being held back?  Have you realized yet that you did it to yourself?  I’ve been getting a lot of lessons lately in stepping into my power, being seen, and recognizing that I need to step back… and OUT of my frame of the world to be able to actually step fully IN to my Power.  And I’m willing to bet a lot of money that the same goes for you.  Because here’s what’s up.  It’s all a fucking game. Life is a game.  It’s literally recognizing that we are all playing in a video game called Earth & Energy School- where leveling up is completely tied into how well you understand Energy Alchemy.

What the f is that Tatum?!?!!? Lol. Oh man. How I wish I could really dive in the intricacies of this in one blog post.  It’s as simple as it is ‘complicated’.  It’s taken me years to learn how to create and set boundaries, how to shield my energy for protection, and then how to literally let it all go and just shine my heart light.  It’s the process that it took for me to actually learn how energy flows, how to use my mindset and actions to align with the vibrational fields that resonate with that which I want.  And then how to practice, practice practice, put it into action.  Step back. Let go. And FLOW.

We are all here to learn how to master the art of the flow.  How to live in bliss and harmony with nature, family, the world in general.  It’s actually so simple it could drive you nuts.  It literally requires that you step back- observe the world as it is, and then play full out.  Once you recognize it as the game as it is, it’s exceptionally enjoyable and delicious.

I’m finally starting to master the stepping back so that I’m able to look IN.  I’ve always been able to see the big picture- but this is wayyyyyy next level big picture.  It’s COSMIC.

Let me help you get here. Schedule a call with me above (up in the menu!) and let’s see if we are fit, and most importantly, if you are ready to go ALL IN… and I mean alllllll the way in.  Because this is some deep shit. And it is sooooooooooooooo fun 😉

Taking Responsibility for Your Energy Field

Morning thoughts on Energy 

We need to learn to take responsibility for our energetic field and responses as well as every other area of our life.

Learning how to control how we react energetically is absolutely tied into our expectations and perceptions. As we shift to more empowering thoughts we are able to release lower vibrations and move through them without causing a huge disturbance in the field.

Considering that energy is literally EVERYTHING it is important to think about how you are allowing your energies to boomerang out into the world- because they always come back to you as manifestations. No one wants to be around shitty uncontrolled and volatile energy.

This all ties into the Law of Attraction (I highly recommend The Secret and any books by Stuart Wilde).

It’s a practice, it takes time. You can do it. And please figure it out fast for the empaths of the world lol cuz that shit sucks.



Sometimes we block our own vibrancy by pushing instead of allowing. Even I have to remind myself that it’s supposed to be easy. One big change makes me want to make a lot of big changes and ‘old me’ wants to make it happen!! Fast!! Let’s do this!! Such masculine energy that pushes me to push through the field towards what is not for me. Regularly I get reminders from the universe to relax, rest and lean back. Into the divine feminine and the energy of flow, ease and abundance. Everything that is meant for me will be mine. Divine timing is real. Have faith. It’s a practice. When I’m in flow the world opens for me. When I’m not the doors close in my face. Happy that I’m getting very fast at noticing when I am not congruent with what I want to create energetically. Sometimes I fall back into old habits without even realizing it and wonder why I’m feeling off. Reflection is everything. Time alone is priceless. Look within. You already have all the answers and guidance you need.

Lifestyle Design

The truth is that you create the life you want. Sure life can throw you a wrench, but you always choose how you respond to any situation that arrives. Like attracts like and you have to take responsibility for YOU. Your thoughts, your energy, who you are- and how you show up for the world.

I have spent the last few years intentionally taking risks to carve out and create the lifestyle that I wanted.

First I moved to a beautiful location with the type of people and vibration that I wanted to be around.

Then, since I had to support myself, I got a job. But not any job. I promised myself that I would never go back to bartending and serving- that I was beneath no one, and would no longer work a job where even though I would make triple the money, I would not allow people treat me as less than. So I got a job that paid little, but was philosophically congruent and allowed me to eat 100% organic.

Then I moved across town so my expenses were less and I had more ‘play money’ to invest into growing myself, learning and working on my projects.

Then I realized that I needed more time for myself to stay grounded- and how essential this was so that I could stay connected to Source and on purpose.

So I cut my hours almost by half. I spent six months with this ‘baby step’ into my dreams. And even with all of this extra time, it became apparent that it was essential for me to up my level of self care and that that was the real key 🔑

And even after all of that- it wasn’t enough. Having one foot in was not enough. And one day I knew what I had to do- and I he hawed about it for another three weeks.

You know when it’s time to step into the life you were meant to have when the life you are in is more uncomfortable than radically changing your entire life.

So I threw it all up in the air- said fuck it- and put notice in at my job.

And here we are 😊 One week since my last day. One week fully on purpose. Three days of intense processing, and four days of bliss and excitement. I’ve gotten more done in four days than in the last four months.

Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Top Tips to Thrive as an Empath

For years strangers have been coming up to me and sharing their deepest darkest secrets. They seemed to innately know that I was a safe space to share.  Being that I am naturally curious, I listened first and asked questions later. It is an honor and a privilege to hold space for others, but if you are an empath you have to be very aware of your own energy field.   Being an empath means that it is very easy for me to pick up on other people’s energy, and even to take it on as my own.  This can easily lead to depression and burnout if you aren’t careful.  With tools, being an empath can be an amazing blessing, and a way to serve the world in a big way.  Here’s what took me a decade to learn:

  1. Energy is in everything and everyone and is always present.  Two big eye openers spurred my growth in this area.  The first was meeting a friend who did Reiki.  She physically had me put my hand between two of hers so I could feel ONLY the energy between them.  This propelled my curiosity enough to learn more about energy healing and eventually learn about cool people like Bruce Lipton, PhD & Dr. Masaru Emoto.  The second was watching the film ‘The Celestine Prophecy’.  I cannot recommend this film or book enough.  They showcase energy within the movie in a way where you can SEE it.
  2. Fill YOUR cup first.  You cannot pour from an empty vessel.  Take the time you need to fill your cup.  Only you know what that is for you.  For me it is spending time in nature, doing guided meditations on YouTube, eating clean, and being around positive like minded people.  The more I stay true to me and do these things, the more I am able to serve others and grow myself.
  3.  Hold space without holding on.  When my cup is full and I am with others I am able to create a space naturally where others feel safe to share.  This space is sacred in that I have to be my most vibrant self to hold that space for them while maintaining and thriving.  If you feel yourself taking on their negative emotions, or all of a sudden don’t feel like your vibrant self, then do this…
  4. Ask the Angels/Spirit Guides for assistance.  “Please return any energy that is not mine to where it came from.” Then take a few deep breaths and say Thank You.  This alone has made a profound difference in my life.  Trust that you are releasing the energy back to it’s source and move forward towards positivity.

Take the time you need to fill your cup. Only you know what that is for you.

It has been a long journey with a lot of growth, and every second has been absolutely worth it to get where I am now.  Remember that we are human, and with that leave space for breakdowns as well as breakthroughs.  Hopefully these tips will help you in your own growth and empowerment.  Feel free to comment and share this to help others as I have been helped.

Much love,


Haters Gunna Hate!

…But How Long is YOUR Recovery Time?

Haters are showing up in unique and interesting ways for me 🙂  While most would probably get super upset, I actually get a little bit giddy about it.  It is a chance for me to reassess where I am at, and make sure that my boundaries are well defined.  I knew that once I began putting myself out there in a big way, that it was likely they would come, but what I find incredibly interesting is HOW they are arriving.   My awesome haters aren’t coming to criticize my business (at least not yet! lol), they are showing up in a non-related context in which I made one of the least charged and most neutral Facebook comments ever.  It just goes to show that trolls make no sense, and seriously have nothing better to do than hate on people.

Giving that this week’s theme is massive THANKS! I am going to start by thanking my lovely haters and sharing a few awesome tips to deal with them without losing your mind or dignity.

  1. It’s definitely THEM and not you.  This doesn’t mean that you are not responsible for your life actions and repercussions, but that just because someone takes issue with something does not mean it now has to become YOUR issue.  People are highly sensitive nowadays and easily offended.  And most of all they LOVE to assume.
  2. Don’t respond.  It doesn’t matter if what they say is right/wrong/vicious/lies/etc.  It fuels their fire, and give them more power.  That is what they crave.  They want to prove why they are right and you are wrong.  So not worth playing that game!
  3. Turn it around to fuel YOUR fire! Thanks guys! I was debating what to write my blog post on, now I know 😉
  4. Munch on what they had to say, and see if it rings true for you.  There is something to be said for constructive criticism.  Read a few comments, mull on it for a few minutes and see if they A. Understood what you were saying in the first place (likely NO), and B. Have their own naughty agenda.  If they are giving real feedback, then take the time to thank them and move on.

It does not have to be any more complicated than this.  You can let them ruin your day, or you can mull it over and let it go.  How quickly you are able to feel the emotions and move through it will let you know how you are doing on your own personal growth journey.  Thanks haters for bringing me many lovely signs from the Universe today that I am on the right path.


11/11 Manifestation & Abundance

Hello my loves!

I am absolutely stoked to be writing to you today about 1111! As some of you may know, today is HUGE for humanity! This is a new moon in Scorpio, and coincides with the magical numbers 11/11. I am not going to pretend that I know heaps about astrology, numerology and the cosmos, but I do love to read about it and watch videos. What I do know to be true is that I have felt the energies and shifts coming for awhile now. Today is a very big day for manifesting the abundance that you truly desire in life. This could be anything from bringing in your Twin Flame to manifesting wealth (whatever this means for you!)

The Universe always provides and all you have to do is let go and allow the Universe to flow through you.  This can be much easier said than done, but luckily today it should be easier than other days.  One of the easy ways that I let go is through Meditation (I highly recommend Guided Meditations on YouTube by Michael A. Jacobs).  If difficult emotions come up for me I tend to write.  Then I go to my room, maybe light some sage and have quiet time.  I write out everything that I am feeling, acknowledge it, and then burn it.  I allow it to release into the Universe.

Letting go is such an important part of manifestation- you must close the door to the past to move through and towards the future.  Once you have taken time to heal and put the past in the past (where it belongs!), then you are ready to manifest.  Only you truly know what works for you.  If you are new to learning about the Law of Attraction then trial out different ways to see what works for you.  I plan on spending a nice chunk of time today writing out exactly what I would like for my future.

It is also important to take time to say Thank YOU! Not just because it is Thanksgiving month, but gratitude acknowledges the role that the Universe has played in your life and opens up doors/windows towards more abundance.  Stay open to receiving and allow for surprises 🙂

In honor of gratitude, I would like to thank one of my biggest supporters and an amazing friend Albert Qian.  I have attached audio from our Blab interview below.

Thank you all for joining me on this journey of self discovery and creation.



Welcome to Uniquely Tatum!

Hi Loves!

As you may have guessed from the content on my site, what you see is what you get.  I am 100% authentic to who I am and my truth! I am an artist, lover, writer, editor, coach and entrepreneur. Of course this is just a tiny hint of the true essence of who I am, just like any label or description is for you as well.  If any of you are familiar with Landmark Education (which is AMAZING!) then you may know this special phrasing for who you declare yourself to be:

Who I am is the possibility of Love, Acceptance & Inspiration, and that is WHO I am!

It is my aim to always be my most vibrant, positive, happy self.  Because I actively choose to create this every day, I am blessed with an incredible life.  Like any human, I still have shitty days.. but the good news is that I know it is all a reflection of perception and energy.  Keep being awesome and I look forward to sharing, growing and loving with you!