Are you being tested?✨

There comes a point where you are standing on an edge- the edge between who you were and your new, vibrant self. As you approach this ledge don’t be surprised if you are feeling tested by the Universe. So many tempting little offers. Sometimes it may be people reemerging from your past, it could be anything.

Tonight it looked like the last man I dated texting me for advice. On his terms. At nearly 9pm. Wanting to take his time coming over to talk in person. No. That’s not ok with me. I offered a negotiation of what would be acceptable and was exceptionally firm- I could already feel him pulling from me energetically. Don’t say yes, when you need to say no. I was firm. He didn’t like it. It’s taken me nearly an hour to rebalance my energies, and I’m almost there.

This is a huge lesson for women especially. You are worthy of MAGNIFICENT LOVE. Where you and your time are valued, where your energy is valued, and where you are both overflowing and do not drain each other.

Do not marry your lesson. This man I am referring to drove me batty for a few months- and I will always be exceptionally thankful for him.

BUT not to the extent that I fall back into old patterns.

He was a magnificent mirror for me to be firm with my personal boundaries NO MATTER WHAT. So it is fitting that as I step into a new level in my life that he would show up again, even if briefly.

So Thank You Universe for the powerful reminder that I CHOOSE who I allow in my life and to what degree. And that I am worthy of love, respect & integrity.

You decide what you allow. Choice is powerful. You are magnificent. Ask and be thankful for what you attract for the highest good of all mankind.

Step forward into your power and truth fully. It is time to shine.

Boundaries Like a BOSS.


If there’s anything I’ve learned this past year, it’s been defining and refining my personal boundaries.  Strong boundaries directly correlate with MY level of self-respect and what I think I deserve.  Essentially they tell the world my worth.


We are meant to THRIVE in love and authenticity!  The more I honor my personal boundaries the more happiness and flow I experience.  Congruency and integrity with Self allow for ease.


I limit myself more than anyone else- and I know this about myself.  I’m willing to bet that you do too.  Have you ever REALLY actively monitored your thoughts?  Take the time to acknowledge their presence and then transmute them.  Use your personal power to create new possibilities!


It’s as simple as that.  If it feels congruent with who you are and your value system- go with it.  If it doesn’t then SPEAK UP for yourself!!!


When you are firm in who you are for the world, and your boundaries, it can shine a light onto where others let their own boundaries slide.  It’s confronting.  It’s scary.  And sometimes people may lash out.  But remember, you are honoring yourself on such a powerful soul level and sometimes leveling up and letting go can be difficult and satisfying at the same time. Personal integrity feels sooooo good though.


Because I am congruent with my innate- my inner voice- and my life purpose I am in greater Flow with the Universe.  This builds a skillset that transcends across all areas of life.

BONUS: This is the fastest route to joy, abundance and growth that I’ve found yet!


Haters Gunna Hate!

…But How Long is YOUR Recovery Time?

Haters are showing up in unique and interesting ways for me 🙂  While most would probably get super upset, I actually get a little bit giddy about it.  It is a chance for me to reassess where I am at, and make sure that my boundaries are well defined.  I knew that once I began putting myself out there in a big way, that it was likely they would come, but what I find incredibly interesting is HOW they are arriving.   My awesome haters aren’t coming to criticize my business (at least not yet! lol), they are showing up in a non-related context in which I made one of the least charged and most neutral Facebook comments ever.  It just goes to show that trolls make no sense, and seriously have nothing better to do than hate on people.

Giving that this week’s theme is massive THANKS! I am going to start by thanking my lovely haters and sharing a few awesome tips to deal with them without losing your mind or dignity.

  1. It’s definitely THEM and not you.  This doesn’t mean that you are not responsible for your life actions and repercussions, but that just because someone takes issue with something does not mean it now has to become YOUR issue.  People are highly sensitive nowadays and easily offended.  And most of all they LOVE to assume.
  2. Don’t respond.  It doesn’t matter if what they say is right/wrong/vicious/lies/etc.  It fuels their fire, and give them more power.  That is what they crave.  They want to prove why they are right and you are wrong.  So not worth playing that game!
  3. Turn it around to fuel YOUR fire! Thanks guys! I was debating what to write my blog post on, now I know 😉
  4. Munch on what they had to say, and see if it rings true for you.  There is something to be said for constructive criticism.  Read a few comments, mull on it for a few minutes and see if they A. Understood what you were saying in the first place (likely NO), and B. Have their own naughty agenda.  If they are giving real feedback, then take the time to thank them and move on.

It does not have to be any more complicated than this.  You can let them ruin your day, or you can mull it over and let it go.  How quickly you are able to feel the emotions and move through it will let you know how you are doing on your own personal growth journey.  Thanks haters for bringing me many lovely signs from the Universe today that I am on the right path.