Blind Spots?


Wanna do that thing you’ve always wanted to do? You know that thing you’re scared AF to even think too much about because how the F are you gunna pay for it/figure it out.

It’s time.

Every next level and every inner desire requires you’re bravest, most badass creative self✨The desire to be your best self if real, and it can be exceptionally intimidating.  I would love to help you timeline hop and transition as smoothly as possible.  It can be easier than you think when you learn how to stay in flow and congruent with your chart.


If you’re ready to STEP UP like the TRUE LEADER and Magical Star Being that you are then hit me up.  I can provide everything from individual one on one coaching, to world adventures that push you way past your comfort zone into your best version of self!

You’re already so close, you just can’t see it. I CAN.

Blind Spots are Blindingly Obvious to Me!👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

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Tatum 😘💓👀

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Watch Me Process

I’m feeling the edge again. It’s so frequent now you’d think it was every day. It’s like part of me is grasping the edge of a cliff, I’m just dangling.. one hand left on and I have to pull every ounce of my strength and throw my body weight into reaching my other hand up to grab the ledge.

I know I can do it, I want to know what’s up there. What am I giving my everything to? What’s it going to look like? Who is going to be there with me? Where am I? Are we staying or going? Am I alone still? Am I still on this solo journey? Or will my life partner join me? How long is the next leg of the journey? Do I pull myself up over the ledge and then have to climb mountains? Or will I wander into an oasis where I’m drinking piña coladas on my floatie?

Here’s the thing about not knowing- it’s as scary for me as it is exciting.

And sometimes in my hurry to scale the cliff I feel intense frustration and pressure. On myself. If I push too hard- if I don’t honor the rest, I don’t have the strength to make it up and over. It takes me a bit longer. And it hurts my heart. I’m generally ok with however anything turns out, lessons, pain, love.. it’s all a part of the master plan.

But here I am, on the edge every day- stretchinggggg and fuck if I don’t want to just press the button on my jet pack and get straight to that piña colada. But more growth awaits, and I will let it be. Just me and this cliff. Refueling and ready to throw my legs over the edge and roll into the dirt like the badass renegade that I am. Because once I get back up and start walking you’ll see my back, I’ll be wearing a sweet motorcycle jacket and I’ll be leading the way to heaven on earth- and I hope you’ll follow.

Are you being tested?✨

There comes a point where you are standing on an edge- the edge between who you were and your new, vibrant self. As you approach this ledge don’t be surprised if you are feeling tested by the Universe. So many tempting little offers. Sometimes it may be people reemerging from your past, it could be anything.

Tonight it looked like the last man I dated texting me for advice. On his terms. At nearly 9pm. Wanting to take his time coming over to talk in person. No. That’s not ok with me. I offered a negotiation of what would be acceptable and was exceptionally firm- I could already feel him pulling from me energetically. Don’t say yes, when you need to say no. I was firm. He didn’t like it. It’s taken me nearly an hour to rebalance my energies, and I’m almost there.

This is a huge lesson for women especially. You are worthy of MAGNIFICENT LOVE. Where you and your time are valued, where your energy is valued, and where you are both overflowing and do not drain each other.

Do not marry your lesson. This man I am referring to drove me batty for a few months- and I will always be exceptionally thankful for him.

BUT not to the extent that I fall back into old patterns.

He was a magnificent mirror for me to be firm with my personal boundaries NO MATTER WHAT. So it is fitting that as I step into a new level in my life that he would show up again, even if briefly.

So Thank You Universe for the powerful reminder that I CHOOSE who I allow in my life and to what degree. And that I am worthy of love, respect & integrity.

You decide what you allow. Choice is powerful. You are magnificent. Ask and be thankful for what you attract for the highest good of all mankind.

Step forward into your power and truth fully. It is time to shine.

“It’s too good”

When it get’s reallllllly good💫

We are always evolving and growing in our soul experiences. I am not immune. As limiting beliefs come up for me, I’m thankful that I’m at the point in my journey where I almost immediately catch myself. So here I am, relaxing at the coffee shop, getting ready to do some work, but first I get my index card out to work on my gratitude list for the day. And as I’m thinking about what I’m grateful for, into my head pop’s:

“It’s too good” and then fear.

I’ve noticed this coming up for me a lot lately. Life is evolving in a positive direction SO FAST that it’s f’in SCARY. And I don’t trust it. I don’t trust that this trend will continue. I am still pushing against the abundance of the Universe and what is truly possible.

The more I sit in this feeling, and allow it to come up for me, the faster I am able to process it and watch it continue just floating on by. Observing your thoughts as separate from you is an incredibly empowering experience.

I am worthy of an amazing life.
I am worthy of great love.
I am worthy of financial abundance.
I am worthy of a wildly successful business.
I am worthy of breakthroughs every day.
I am worthy of investing in myself.

Sending so much love to each and every one of you 

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Boundaries Like a BOSS.


If there’s anything I’ve learned this past year, it’s been defining and refining my personal boundaries.  Strong boundaries directly correlate with MY level of self-respect and what I think I deserve.  Essentially they tell the world my worth.


We are meant to THRIVE in love and authenticity!  The more I honor my personal boundaries the more happiness and flow I experience.  Congruency and integrity with Self allow for ease.


I limit myself more than anyone else- and I know this about myself.  I’m willing to bet that you do too.  Have you ever REALLY actively monitored your thoughts?  Take the time to acknowledge their presence and then transmute them.  Use your personal power to create new possibilities!


It’s as simple as that.  If it feels congruent with who you are and your value system- go with it.  If it doesn’t then SPEAK UP for yourself!!!


When you are firm in who you are for the world, and your boundaries, it can shine a light onto where others let their own boundaries slide.  It’s confronting.  It’s scary.  And sometimes people may lash out.  But remember, you are honoring yourself on such a powerful soul level and sometimes leveling up and letting go can be difficult and satisfying at the same time. Personal integrity feels sooooo good though.


Because I am congruent with my innate- my inner voice- and my life purpose I am in greater Flow with the Universe.  This builds a skillset that transcends across all areas of life.

BONUS: This is the fastest route to joy, abundance and growth that I’ve found yet!