MATRCast: “I sit down with Tatum Cohen, who is a ‘Radical Self Love Coach,’ Speaker, youTuber, clairesentient, & emerging medium. We discussed a lot, from what is radical self love to the spiral nature of healing, and the importance of focused intention. We also talked about getting out of your own way, noticing the gut feelings vs. the constant, gentle nudges of the universe, and a 3rd Eye opening experience. Lastly we talked about recognizing when it’s time for a personal shift. We hope you enjoy!

Taboo Talk Time:  We talk about how Tatum got into coaching, the main things she focuses on in her business, and how understanding your energy field plays into your ultimate lifestyle design.




 Albert’s List:  Staying present in our lives is always a difficult challenge, especially with so many things to do. In our careers, the pressure of promotions, getting stuff done, and nagging co-workers can also get in the way.

In this video, Tatum Cohen of Uniquely Tatum discusses some simple tips and tricks for how any professional can maximize their self-awareness.